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A portfolio company of The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics (CTIP)

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Our premiere product, the Dioptra Speculum Sleeve, is a patent-pending gynecological + obstetric medical device. It improves the standard existing metal Pederson speculum (seen in many OB/GYN offices) in comfort, temperature neutrality, and cost of cleaning. 


It's also how we as vagina-owners begin to rewrite the story of modern gynecology as our own. Dioptra addresses healthcare and health outcome inequities experienced by all vagina-owning people, starting from adolescence. We designed our size-adjustable, more comfortable, flex-fit silicone Speculum Sleeve for the standard metal speculum so that—from an adolescent girl’s first experience of womxn’s health to much later colposcopies or endometrial biopsies—patients can finally feel more comfort and less fear at the doctor.

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